Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Blankolog II - Tired

Tired of last-minute assignments. Tired of doing them well because it would mean so much to the students. Tired of putting aside an already full schedule because the boss's latest scheme is so urgent. Tired of trying to catch up after that.

Too tired to talk. Too tired to flirt. Too tired to say nice things to people at home. Too tired to smile at things people say. Too tired to make the calls I promised to. Too tired to return SMSes from ex-students.

Almost too tired to arrange for treat for grandma. Almost too tired to drive home (though I think I might have damaged my first gear slightly). Almost too tired to eat.
Almost too tired to blog.


Brightside: sis just gave me The Remains Of The Day. I am enjoying it. It is taking me far longer than usual to read it though.

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