Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yikes I've Been Griping

The last two posts have been very gripey, so I shall try to write something upbeat, or at the very least, offbeat.

I saw on TV last night a Japanese programme which shows different facets of Japan and the Japanese are really quite innovative. There's this guy who lives in a really small apartment but through clever use of materials and vertical space the place looks and feels bigger than it actually is. And it's not a designer pad - it's just some guy doing the best with what he's got. Then there was this other guy who liked reading in the bathtub so much he designed a floating platform with built-in page-turners to hold his books and magazines. And the materials used were simple everyday stuff you could get at the local hardware store.

It's really inspiring to see people doing their own little things to improve their lives.

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