Saturday, October 01, 2005


This is really starting to get to me. These days the moment I post I get a message from total strangers who say nice things about my blog and then ask me to buy stuff. Is there any way I can blacklist these people?

I won't post any words not used in polite company here in case I get hauled up for sowing discord and inciting disorder, but I really don't give an equine posterior for such people. And odds are, they'll still say what a great post this was and would I please go to their website cos they've got a great deal waiting for me there. Yah, right.


Blogger Terz said...

You can't blacklist them - they're bots. They'll find a way anyway. The only thing to do for now is to enable comment verification.

5:49 pm  
Blogger shadow said...

Very polite bots, I might add! Unfortunately, the comments verification thingy doesn't work for me. Somehow, I still get enthusiastic salesmen leaving comments.

3:27 pm  

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