Monday, November 14, 2005

Life Is Like A Journey

You can walk, take the bus, drive your own car, or be chauffeured.

Walking gives you time to see the scenery, take small paths to strange and delightful nooks and crannies, and pause whenever you want to stay in a place a little longer.

It's doing your own thing at your own pace. I like walking.

Taking the bus means getting off only at designated stops. It means going on a fixed route, seeing the same things every day. You still get to see things as they change becuase you have yesterday's scenery to compare it with. But it's also reassuring and safe. You know the bus will always come. And that you will always get to where the bus route says you're going to.

It's getting married and buying a HDB flat and having kids and... It doesn't sound too bad.

Driving your own car makes it more difficult to see the scenery. You're limited to places that can accomodate your car. And preferably with suitable parking. You've got to watch out for other drivers (not all of whom are courteous or competent). You also have to feed it regularly, which makes it rather expensive, especially if you use high-octane unleaded (not that I do, the high-octane I mean).

It's living the good life and working damn hard for it and spending so much time at work that whatever time you get to chill is super-precious and just has to be filled with the most intense experience so you maximise the returns from your non-work time.

Being chauffeured around just means your parents damn rich. You should give your money to me.

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