Monday, November 14, 2005

Plan Your Life On The Internet

I’ve been looking at properties with an eye to buying, and has been an excellent tool. More than that, however, (and the reason for this post) is the fact that it allows you to plan a jogging route around your selected location. Imagine that – you could actually get directions on where and how to jog so you cover, say 2.4 km exactly (or as close as the map engine can figure it). And with all the internet services (e.g. grocery delivery, booking appointments and movies, etc.) one can actually plan an entire lifetime.

OK so I exaggerate, but still.

And somehow, something in life would go missing for all that convenience and efficiency. (spontaneity? whimsy? Je ne sais quois?) Plus we’d all be screwed if the power went out. Which is not that unlikely in today's screwed up world.

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koth said...

The other tool that is rather useful when property shopping is Google Earth. The satellite photos are a little outdated and sensitive areas in Singapore are blacked out but it nevertheless is lots of fun.

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